About RNI

RNI Financial, LLC is a local independent insurance agency specializing in Home, Auto, Life, Health, Employee Benefits and many other related insurance offerings.  As an independent agency, we represent many top-rated insurers.  This means that we can shop for the best price available for the appropriate coverages for each client.  And we can provide more than one option.  We take time to get to know each of our clients and the areas where they are most at risk so that we can find the right risk management solutions for each individual, family or business.  We tailor a program for each client’s needs and can usually place them with one insurance carrier that covers everything.  Or we can place coverage with separate carriers if that is better for the client.  It’s all about options.


And from where do we get our name?  RNI has a dual meaning. First, it stands for Realty Network Insurance.  This is because – although we work with business owners, employers, and everyone else (whether or not a person owns a home or intends to purchase one), we wanted to show appreciation to the many real estate & mortgage related professionals who continue to recommend and entrust their clients to us.  However, it also stands for Road Necessities Insurance. because of our strong partnerships with some of the best Automotive dealerships in the Kansas City Metro to provide lightning fast insurance options for their buyers, to help them get on the road much faster with their new vehicles.


More than insurance agents, we are Professional Risk Managers.  Give us a call today and let us show you the difference!